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Behind the Sun Therapeutics, LLC offers full spectrum nonpharmacological mental health services to Alaskans and mental coaching for athletes, especially mountain athletes, worldwide.

Behind the Sun Therapeutics is the private mental health practice of Samuel H. Johnson who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) & a Ph.D candidate in Psychology. Samuel has extensive training and varied experience providing mental health services in a variety of clinical and community practice settings. He also has extensive experience as a high performing multidisciplinary mountain athlete. For information on Sam's athletic pursuits, please visit www.alpineessence.net.


Behind the Sun Therapeutics currently offers individual, child, couples, & family systems therapies as standard on site services by appointment. Other services available on request include basic mental health screening and assessment, nature therapy, canine assisted therapy, retreat facilitation, mountain sports performance consultation, mountain sports accident/loss recovery, contract supervision & locum work. 


Plans are in the works to hopefully offer full spectrum psychological testing and assessment services to Seward beginning in 2020.

Please examine the services tab if you would like to learn more about a particular service.

Accepting cash, card, insurance, & contracted arrangements.

Sliding fee/Pro bono and barter services available on a limited, case by case basis. 

Not currently accepting Medicaid or Medicare.