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BTST LLC Services

Individual Therapy

If you would like to manage symptoms of common mental health problems, get through a difficult time in your life with grace, process through past traumas, or work on the next step in your personal growth, individual therapy can provide meaningful and worthwhile supports for taking steps to improve your quality of life. Samuel and Christine are happy to coordinate with your psychiatric care provider to maximize the benefits of your recovery efforts. Provided on a case by case basis within Alaska.


Couples Therapy

Couples can improve their communication, rebuild feelings of connection, and work through interpersonal difficulties with the assistance of caring and insightful couples therapy. Provided on a case by case basis within Alaska.

Child & Family Systems Therapy

Children and families can improve their overall functioning with thoughtful family systems oriented intervention emphasizing the natural strengths present in the child or family system. Provided on a case by case basis within Alaska.

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Mental Coaching for Mountain Sport Performance & Recovery

Mental performance coaching for mountain athletes and mountain athlete recovery from accidents & losses are BTST specialty services. These services are provided on a case by case basis using communications technology worldwide.

Alternatives & Additionals

Creative mental health alternatives such as nature therapy, canine assisted therapy, art therapy, guided meditation, group retreats, nature therapies, contract and locum work, and clinical supervision. Provided on a case by case basis within Alaska.

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